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Grillz: The New Fashion Statement

Many of you may not have yet heard about teeth grillz. It is a set of fake teeth that you wear over your good teeth as some kind of a fashion statement that also shows off your riches. Grillz are worn on your teeth just like wearing jewelry. Rings, earrings, and bracelets were the only jewelry worn in years past. Then people started doing body piercings like belly button rings, tongue rings, a nipple piercing. Today, you can wear these fake gold teeth grillz to show your bling in your mouth.

So if something is worn on the teeth as a fashion statement, we call this thing teeth grillz. If you want to show off, then golden grillz are the best ones to use.

Most grillz people wear are golden grillz. However, they can also come in platinum, silver, and even diamond. If you buy the fake kinds of grillz, you can buy inexpensive golden ones. Most rappers wear the expensive types of golden grillz which usually cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. In order for the grills to fit your teeth, a mold taken from your particular teeth is created first. It will just be like a custom retainer.

Blings or expensive, ostentatious jewelry is desired by many people. Today, you can buy grillz which are showy and expressive accessories that are available in the market. With gold or silver plating the grillz with rhodium, it will give a reflective white surface, and this fits your natural teeth well. They you can customize it by putting gem stones and different metals in different designs. Those who want to really show off can get teeth grillz to match their showy cups, belts, and spinner watches, etc. so that they can have the ultimate in gangsta look.

These golden grillz are being worn today by famous actors and famous rappers. Gold grillz are also worn by popular sports figures. When rappers hold their concerts, they wear their golden grillz and they will never step on stage without them.

Unless you take molds of your teeth, you cannot expect to have golden grillz that will fit perfect in your teeth that is of good quality. These types are not cheap. It is also good to know who is making them and that the company really creates quality grillz. You also need to be careful when buying grillz with rhodium since there can be chemical reactions that has proven lethal in tests done on rats. Rhodium compounds can also stain human skin badly. But if it is just basic rhodium and not compounds, then the metal is harmless.

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