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Surgical Procedures For The Spine.

Spine surgeries are carried out by neurosurgeons. Spine surgeries include oncologic spine surgery, discectomy, fusion, interspinous spacers, lumbar spine surgery, spinal fracture surgery and back surgery. Surgeries that are carried out for the lower back are lumbar decompression and lumbar fusion. Nerve root pinching can cause pain in the lower back and can only be treated by lumbar decompression.
A small portion of the bone is taken out when a decompression surgery is carried out and this brings relief from the pinching of the nerves.

Lumbar fusion is carried out on patients with lumbar degenerative disc disease. In order to halt motion on a paining vertebral segment, a spinal fusion surgery uses a bone graft for the procedure.

Spine fusion surgery eliminates back pain by linking together two or more vertebrae which helps to restrict motion in a part of the spine. A neurosurgeon may recommend fusion for the front and the back of the spine in order to achieve greater stability in the spine. Minimally invasive spine fusion surgery has benefits such as small incisions, much less loss of blood, reduced pain and fast recovery.

Discectomy spine surgery involves taking out a herniated disc or a part of a herniated disc in order to stop the pressure on the nerves. The surgery can be done using a small incision and with a help of special retractors and operating microscope and instruments and the patient will have less trauma to the normal anatomy of the spine. This ensures a quick recovery for patients who can go back to work and their daily activities quickly.

Neurosurgery helps to treat problems with the central nervous system, spinal column disease and peripheral nervous system. Spinal stenosis can be treated with interspinous spacers. Patients can get implants that allow for shorter surgical operations.

Laminectomy is a surgical procedure in which arthritic bone spurs are removed to lower the pressure on the spinal nerve. Some patients may need to undergo a non fusion disc replacement instead of a fusion operation. One can get natural motion by undergoing a posterior dynamic stabilization which uses flexible materials to stabilize the spine.

Metastatic disease can be treated with oncologic spine surgery. People with spinal problems should visit experienced neurosurgeons. When one has tumors that lead to fractures one can undergo vertebral augmentation. Symptomatic degenerative disc disease can be treated through a multilevel spinal fusion surgery.

Surgery provides relief to patients who have pains in different levels of the back.

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