The Advantages of an Electric Fireplace

Traditional wood fireplaces offer a warmth and a aroma that cannot be matched. They are also a great deal of work. Most people are trading in the wood fireplace for electric inserts, or purchasing homes that include an electric fireplace because of the advantages.

One is that electric inserts are more energy-efficient than wood fireplaces. No heat escapes through the chimney, there are no drafts to counteract, and they can be turned on and off quickly.

More Key Factors

Energy-efficiency is just one of 5 Reasons Why People Prefer Electric Fireplaces. Another is that the level of heat can be controlled. Most models have remote controls that adjust the heat at the touch of a button.

The multitude of design options is another reason. There are different sizes to fit any existing fireplace, and wall mounted ones are also available if the home has no fireplace. Styles range from elaborate to simple and offers something suit any budget.

Installation is much easier than a gas insert because there is no requirement of new piping being added to the home. This also cuts down on the initial investment.

Minimal Effort

An electric fireplace offers the same warmth of a wood one without all the extra effort. People have hectic schedules these days so there is little time to place kindling wood in the fireplace, wait for that to catch fire, and then begin to strategically stack logs. Buying and stacking wood for the winter is expensive and involves hard work.

Cleaning out a wood fireplace is a time-consuming and dirty task. There are ashes, soot, small pieces of wood, and the terrible smell of creosote that lingers on clothing. You simply turn an electric fireplace on and off as desired.


The flames of an electric fireplace will not ever exceed the boundaries of the insert. They will also not be effected by winds or back drafts. There is no smoke that can backup into the house, and no creosote deposits are left on the chimney to be a fire hazard. Birds and wildlife will not be nesting in the electric insert and blocking ventilation. Go electric to save money and effort, and keep the family safe.